Avast Mobile Security & Anti-Virus

Avast Mobile Security & Anti-Virus is one android application that can protect any mobile software with just a simple installation. This superb app available for android systems only will offer protection and also beautiful backup tools to any user. The application is free in its basic form, but it costs £2 every month or £12 for an entire year to activate Premium Tools. The basic free settings will only let the user to scan for the viruses.

A great feature of Avast Mobile Security & Anti-Virus is the “anti-theft” tool. This tool is installed as a separate application, invisible for anyone accessing the phone, and it cannot be removed by thieves. Plus, if you use a web console or even a simple text message from another phone to yours, you can detect thieves that want to access your phone. You can also record audio or take pictures that you can download on your PC which is pretty useful in case your phone is missing. Another option against theft comes in the form of a siren. If the phone has been stolen, a loud siren will read the following message aloud: “the phone has been lost or stolen”. And guess what, turning the volume down will not work!

Avast Mobile Security & Anti-Virus has outstanding features for their users. An amazing feature available for android users is application locking. This requires the user to introduce a PIN to open certain application picked by him. Plus, the “built-in firewall” lets you block some applications to use Wi-Fi, 3G or mobile data. Plus, in case, if you lose your phone or your phone is stolen, you will be able to locate it on a map, so you can find it faster.

Overall, Avast Mobile Security & Anti-Virus is a great android application, useful for the security of any user and can be easily used by anyone.

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