Circle of 6 App – A Blessing in Disguise

Among the no. 1 apps for the mobile phone, Circle of 6 is highly rated as a great app to use. Originally designed in 2012 by Nancy Schawartman and Deb Levine, the application proves to be very useful in situations when you need quick help or you are in danger. But how does it work?

The application was originally developed to help prevent sexual and domestic violence and helps the persons who are in uncomfortable or dangerous situations. The application is free for iOS or android users and it involves building a circle where you can place 6 of your best friends and trusted contacts you can quickly call in case you have an emergency. With just a single touch, you can get help from authorities, friends or family. The contact you are trying to reach will receive your exact current location so it is easier to find you.

Right now the app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or iTunes App Store and can be used in various situations, such as an awful date, a car emergency, a dangerous situation or an uncomfortable event. There are many options to choose from when using this application, depending on what situation you find yourself in. There is a “the bad date button”, a “getting home safely button” and many others you can confidently use when you need some help.

The “Circle of 6” was created as a preventive application and people definitely love it. If you needed an app to help you reach anyone you needed immediately or help you in embarrassing, dangerous or tricky situation, then you should definitely install it and tell your friends about it too. This is a very useful app for the average mobile user and has been rated as one of the best you can have on your phone.

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