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There are various period tracking applications for women these days. Most women out there use a certain method to keep track of their cycles: a classic calendar, a basic application or they just keep it in mind. However, Ruby brings it to another level, offering extra features to keep track of the menstrual cycle, sexual life or reproductive health.

Created for iOS systems, Ruby looks like a traditional tracker. You will be able to see when you are ovulating or menstruating. However, it comes with new exciting features that will give you explicit details about your sexual activity, health or emotional state. You can introduce the logs yourself, and the more you do it, the more the app will understand you and your monthly states. Plus, you can add useful alerts. For example, if you are using any medications, the application will let you know when to stop or why.

In order to start using Ruby application for iOS you just have to give some details regarding your monthly cycle. The app will immediately show you fertile days, period days, each with its own color (red for cycles and green for fertile days). After that you can enter details about your mood, sex life, how you are feeling in certain days, etc. Another great feature of Ruby is the possibility to link it to the “Apple HealthKit app”. If you use that app, you will also receive information about your exercise habits and sleeping.

If you needed even more reasons to install Ruby, you will be happy to find out that the application also has the “Community Tab” which helps you connect with other users by asking questions or sharing answers with them. Plus, you will be able to get informed on reproductive and sexual health by reading their articles.

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