Simpler Contacts For IOS – The Address Book Application You Were Waiting For

If you are a fan of address book applications, then you probably know there are many of them available for iOS systems. However, many of these apps rely only on social networks and usually they break in a couple of months. However, Simpler Contacts is one of those applications that won’t let you down. With all the great features and the easy access users have on this application, it can be named one of the best on the market. The application is created for iOS only and it can be downloaded free or for $4.99, depending what features you are looking for.

Among the outstanding features of Simpler Contacts there are a few to name: the easy merge of duplicate contacts, the varied search, the ability to easily create groups, the simple way the user can text and email groups, the backup through email or Dropbox, the great filter options for birthdays or finding people. There are many other features included in the package, and they will all stand up to the app’s reputation, offering a simple way to manage your address book.

The best thing about Simpler Contacts is its usability. You can easily get started and import all your contacts in and then start to manage them by removing duplicated or creating groups. The best rated feature of Simpler Contacts is group management. Plus, the application is handy and useful and you can enjoy it for free if you are not looking for any extra features. Plus, you will be able to export and backup the contacts so you will not lose them if you decide to switch to another app or stop using this one. However, if you are that person with many contacts and you need social media integration, Simpler Contacts may not be the answer for you.

Overall, it is one of the best iOS applications to try this year. Download it here:

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