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Getting up in the morning is not pleasant, especially if you have to rush to school or work. If your alarm is not doing a good job and you are always waking up late, you should try Gentle Alarm for android systems. This serviceable alarm is one of the best you will find on the android play store. It has plenty of customization options and features, being a great choice for your daily morning routine.

The application can be tested out free on its trial version. Some of its most outstanding features allow you to set up many alarms any time of the day you want; you are able to choose from 24 and 12 hour formats; you can also create “snooze profiles”, pre-alarms, alarms, etc. Plus, you are able to customize certain features on the phone, such as the volume, the brightness or the duration of your chosen alarm. However, the smart alarm clock comes with some default profiles: day off, workday or nap.

The greatest thing about Gentle Alarm is that it can be easily configured to play playlist, songs or radio streams as your alarm. Therefore, you get to wake up to your favorite radio, playlist or song. Plus, you can also configure the alarm to play specific genres of music or specific artists. The alarm also has the option to slowly increase while it sings until you dismiss it. However, the best rated feature of Gentle Alarm is the endless customization possibility. It is great that you can wake up from now on in your own terms: lower light, your favorite music, lower or higher volume and customization snoozing.

If you feel that this alarm clock is perfectly made for your rough mornings, you can download it here:


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